Meet the MCCC Staff

Bryan Weide,

Madison Baptist Pastor

My name is Jenn Nowak and I have been part of the Madison Baptist Church family for over ten years and worked in the Children's Center from 2007-2011 as the after-school coordinator. I started working with children in 1995 where I stared at the Prescott YMCA with their after-school program. Through my YMCA career I had worked in many different capacities; after-school program, after-school coordinator and a site director for a small child care center. After moving to Phoenix in 2007 my heart was drawn to Madison Christian Children's Center because of the staff's love for the children and families. In the early part of June 2014 the Lord opened the door for me to return to Madison Christian Children's Center and it is my honor to serve as the Director of the Children's Center. 

Jennifer Nowak, Director

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Debi Martin,

School and Church Office Administrator

Preschool Staff

Yellow Room

2 year olds

Miss Queya, Lead Teacher

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Blue Room

3 year olds

Ms. V, Lead Teacher

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Ms. Flannery, Assistant Teacher

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Red Room


Mrs. Kristian,  Lead Teacher

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I have worked with children since 2012. I enjoy learning from the kids just as much as I enjoy teaching them. They make the day fun! They are very genuine in what they say and do. We are responsible for their happiness and we are their examples of love.

Miss Victoria, Lead Teacher

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My name is Miss Victoria! I started working with kids in the summer of 2011 as a camp counselor. I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Educational Studies. Being able to be a part of a child's life is a blessing and I am honored to be part of their educational journey! 

Ms. Dawn,

Preschool Support Staff

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I have been at MCCC for 11 years now. Working with children keeps you young at heart and on your toes. It is amazing to see their growth from year to year. Having their hugs and love makes each day a blessing. 

School-Aged Staff

Mrs. Ona, School-Aged Coordinator 

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Hello, my name is Mrs. Ona. I have been working with children for 18 years now. I love to see children grow and learn new things. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I remember being asked by my second grade teacher what I wanted to be when I grow up and I shouted, "A TEACHER" as loud as I could!

Orange Room

Mr. Isaac, Teacher

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Hi, my name is Isaac. I have be working with kids at different camps for some time and now I'm here! I decided to work with kids because it makes me happy to see them grow and to be a good influence in their life. I have graduated from Phoenix Christian High School and I am currently attending classes at Phoenix College.

Green Room

Ms. Joyce, Assistant Teacher


I have worked at MCCC since 2007 in the after-school program. I worked in Madison School District for 32 years as a para-professional in Special Education. I currently work several mornings a week in the pre-school as well. I have always loved to watch children grow and thrive and MCCC gives me the opportunity to see children go from 2 years old to 4th grade. 

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